The 5 Elements To A Magical Evening

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April 6, 2017

For many of us, “romantic” means red roses and candles. While these are great ways to enhance the ambiance, I want to challenge you to incorporate the same level of care and attention you put into planning for a work meeting into preparing a romantic evening for your spouse.

Life is about moments. Don’t wait for them, create them. I want to help you create an ambiance that speaks “LOVE.” A romantic evening that leads to emotional connection and intimacy. For this, we’ll explore how you can incorporate all 5 senses into the experience.

1.Smell. Do you and your spouse have a specific smell that is linked to a positive memory? If so, think about ways you can incorporate that smell into the experience.

I also recommend purchasing a couple of 3-wick candles and air fresheners. Keep in mind the size of the room you’ll both be in. You definitely want the smell to be present as soon as you both walk in, however avoid it being too concentrated.

Another way to incorporate smell is to spray on nice cologne. Brownie points if you put on your spouse’s favorite!

2.Sound. Prompt your spouse’s audio senses with a customized playlist of instrumental romantic songs. Music can definitely set or break the mood so make sure you stay away from songs that could be distracting. Upgrade to a premium music app that removes the ads between songs such as Spotify or Apple Music.

3.Sight. Watermark the room with unique touches that are visually appealing. Ask yourself, what’s the first thing you want your spouse to see upon entering the room? Her favorite flowers? Balloons? Framed photographs? Perhaps a gift bag with something she’s been wanting for a while.

Make sure the room is clean and organized so she can focus and fully embrace the moment without distractions.

4.Touch. If your love language is physical touch, this is probably the sense you’re most excited about integrating. I want to challenge you to think outside the box.

Sex is not the only way to integrate the sense of touch. Make eye contact with your spouse and pay attention to the little details of what she’s wearing. Offer to give each other massages with lotion or oils that have scents you both enjoy.

Even if you’re married for 30 years I want to challenge you to take your time and caress each other with tenderness, excitement, and curiosity as if it was your first time.

5.Taste. What are your spouse’s favorite food, beverage, and dessert? Go the extra mile by picking up all her favorites. This may mean driving around to grab her Passion Fruit cupcake from a specific bakery, going to her favorite restaurant, and stopping by Starbucks to pick up her favorite coffee or tea.

Yes, I know this sounds like a lot of work but I can assure you the return will be worth it. Not only will she love to have all her favorites at once, she’ll love even more the fact that you put so much effort. This will definitely speak volumes to her.

As you now know, smell, sound, sight, touch and taste are essential and dynamic elements in creating a romantic date night. You can turn any regular moment into a WOW experience by incorporating all them. The fun part is that there are countless ways you can integrate them to ensure you both have a different experience each time.

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